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RESONIC is an FDA-cleared device utilizing innovative Rapid Acoustic Pulse™ technology to improve the appearance of cellulite. This non-invasive treatment reduces dimples and helps restore smoothness to the skin. Results can be achieved AFTER JUST 1 SESSION that lasts less than an hour, with minimal side effects, minimal discomfort, and no downtime needed.
As a trusted and highly-esteemed trailblazer in the field of cellulite treatment, Dr. LaTowsky’s research team, Investigate MD, was chosen to be a part of the clinical research study for this cutting-edge device. Clear Dermatology & Aesthetics Center is one of 16 practices in the country to currently offer the RESONIC™ technology to patients.

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frequently asked questions

Rapid Acoustic Pulse technology can improve the appearance of cellulite after just a single session‡ that takes 45-60 minutes.

Skin in the treated area will feel warm to the touch and may tingle slightly. You may also have redness in the treated area for a few hours following treatment. Cellulite results will continue to improve over time, as your skin rebounds from the physical change of the septa.


Yes. Rapid Acoustic Pulse is an FDA-cleared technology that does not cause lasting or unexpected side effects. RESONIC treatments to reduce the appearance of cellulite have minimal discomfort and do not require any anesthesia or downtime. Patients have reported that it feels relaxing, like a deep tissue massage.


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