Why choose Pro-Nox?

The Pro-Nox Nitrous Oxide Delivery System is a gas mixer designed to provide a Nitrous Oxide mixture to patients for pain management in an office setting. The mixture is comprised of 50% Nitrous Oxide and 50% Oxygen. The amount of gas needed to manage pain is very individualized, but the Pro-Nox is self-administered, so you are in control of how much is dispensed and how often. The delivery system simply requires you to inhale and exhale through a mouthpiece to receive the gas. Pro-Nox can be used in conjunction with topical numbing cream to make your experience as comfortable as possible. If you are interested in using the Pro-Nox system at your appointment, please mention this when scheduling so it can be reserved for you.

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frequently asked questions

What is Pro-Nox used for?

We typically use Pro-Nox for our cosmetic procedures including Fraxel, fillers, and PRP injections. While these procedures often require topical numbing cream, Pro-Nox can be a great addition to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.


How long does Pro-Nox last?

The delivery of the gas is nearly instantaneous, and the effects usually wear off within 10 minutes. This makes Pro-Nox an ideal option for pain management because there are no restrictions to driving post-procedure.