What is cosmetic threading?

Cosmetic threading is a minimally invasive procedure that can provide lift and structure to the areas where the threads are placed. Dr. LaTowsky utilizes a combination of smooth and barbed polydioxanone or PDO threads. These threads are similar to the materials used in surgical sutures, and are designed to be naturally absorbed by your body over time. Their placement creates an instantaneous lift and their dissolution stimulates collagen production to create longer lasting results. The areas most commonly treated include the cheeks, jawline, and around the mouth, but these threads can be placed anywhere on the body. With little to no downtime, cosmetic threading is a great minimally invasive alternative to surgical procedures.



    What to expect during a threading treatment?

    During the procedure, your baseline photos will be taken and then topical numbing cream applied. After numbing, your skin will be prepped for procedure and then Dr. LaTowsky will draw a grid of where she will place the threads. She will then insert the threads one-by-one until the optimal lift and restructuring is achieved. Other than possible bruising, there is no downtime or aftercare. Results can be seen immediately and the threads will slowly dissolve over the next 3-6 months. As they dissolve, your body’s own natural collagen production will be stimulated for lasting results. Re-treatment may be necessary every 6-12 months to maintain results and achieve your goals.

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