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Agnes RF

What is Agnes RF?

Agnes RF is a non-surgical device that can reduce skin laxity by delivering radiofrequency energy through micro-insulated needles. These needles penetrate the skin and produce a collagen-boosting effect, causing the skin to regenerate and create new connective tissue. At the same time, the needles emit targeted radiofrequency energy while minimizing damage to the surrounding skin, reducing recovery time. RF microneedling remains one of the most effective treatments available for reducing skin laxity and signs of aging.

The Benefits of Agnes RF

Agnes RF is one of our most preferred technologies for rejuvenating and tightening the skin. Here are some of the top benefits of this skin-tightening treatment.


Agnes RF is completely non-surgical and has been adopted as one of the premier aesthetic technologies in medical and aesthetic clinics across the US.

Personalized Treatment

Microneedling allows your technician to precisely deliver concentrated energy to the area. This advanced technology gives complete control over how much energy is administered, allowing for fully customized results.

Minimal Downtime

Advanced Square Wave energy allows the surrounding skin to remain undamaged, minimizing downtime. Agnes RF comes with fewer side effects than similar technologies.

Noticeable Results

With powerful collagen stimulation, Agnes RF can produce more noticeable, significant results than non-radiofrequency devices.

What Can I Expect From Agnes RF?

To begin, you’ll meet with our providers to develop a personalized anti-aging regimen using Agnes RF and our many other medical-grade treatments. Agnes RF offers nine different needles of different sizes and insulation, allowing our team to select the one precisely indicated to treat your specific concerns. Once you’ve created your ideal treatment package, your skin will be cleansed, and a local anesthetic will be administered in the treatment area. The needles will be inserted into the skin and emit radiofrequency pulses into the dermis where the matrix of collagen and elastin begins to break down with age. Radiofrequency energy generates gentle heat and causes it to contract, and at the same time, the microscopic wounds generated by the microneedles prompt the body to create healthy new collagen. Once treatment is complete, your skin will be prepared for the rest of your day.

After treatment, you’ll experience minor swelling and redness for the first few days. It’s essential to avoid sun exposure and wear sunscreen with at least SPF 30. You may begin to see results within a few weeks of treatment, but full results emerge over the following months as the body creates healthy new collagen. For best results, we typically recommend 2-3 treatments depending on your unique goals.

Meet With Our Team

To learn more about Agnes RF and our other advanced anti-aging technologies, contact our Scottsdale, AZ office today by calling or filling out our online form.

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How it works

There are nine needles differing in size and amount of insulation. Using the results of multiple clinical studies, the length of insulation on each needle has been calculated, down to the millimeter, to successfully treat different areas.


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