Clear Club Memberships

Join our Lifestyle Membership Program and reap the benefits of monthly skincare treatments. Work closely with our aestheticians to choose the right combination of treatments and with their guidance, create a daily regimen to achieve your skincare goals. Beautiful skin is a commitment and we are here to help you make that happen.


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    Membership Levels

    Clear Facial Club -$165/monthly 

    Choose any treatment below once a month: 

    • Diamond Glow
    • Signature Facial 
    • Skin Medica Medical Grade Peel 


    Member Special Pricing

    Upgrade your monthly treatment by trading it in for one of the following treatments and paying an additional fee.

    • Clear & Brilliant Touch +$275
    • Vbeam +$175
    • IPL +$175
    • CoolTone +$150
    • Microneedling +$175
    • Microneedling w/PRP +$375

    How does this work?

    For example, if you upgraded your monthly Clear Facial Club treatment to a Clear + Brilliant for the month, you would pay your monthly membership fee ($165) and the Clear + Brilliant special member fee ($275) for a total of $440. The non-member Clear + Brilliant is fee $525, so as a member you save $75.


    Clear Device Club $305/monthly

    Members can choose any treatment below once a month:

    • Clear & Brilliant Touch (face & neck or chest and neck) 
    • Vbeam (face)
    • IPL (face or neck or chest) 
    • CoolTone (thighs or abdomen or buttocks) 
    • Microneedling (face or chest) 
    • Add PRP to your micro needling treatment +$300

    This membership includes 20% off annual Fraxel Dual treatment.


    Membership benefits: 

    -20% off on skincare products upon signing up (excludes RX products). One time ONLY.

    -10% off skincare products during membership. 

    – 20% off  skincare products after members’ 1 year anniversary with Clear Club. 


    Membership Policies: 

    Membership contracts will automatically renew monthly without notice.

    Memberships will be offered for a minimum of 6 months. If you choose to cancel a membership within 6 months of purchasing, you will be responsible for the full amount of previous treatments received under the membership contract.

    Membership cancellation policy: Membership cancellation must be emailed to and received 30 days prior to your credit card processing date.

    All appointment cancellations will require a 24-hour cancellation notice, or you will be charged a fee of $50.00. In the event that you miss your monthly treatment, please note that this is not credit that can be used towards other services or products.

    Discounts may not be used towards your monthly membership.

    One time membership freeze of up to two months.

    Clear Dermatology reserves the right to change package parameters.

    To request a consultation click here or call (480) 398-1550.