MiraDry for Men: Tackling Excessive Sweating in the Modern Man

Excessive sweating can be embarrassing, especially when you spend your day around many people– the stained shirts and smelly armpits can make people keep a distance from you, thus reducing your social circle. Fortunately, you can opt for MiraDry treatment and have a lifetime of decreased sweating which will also boost your confidence significantly.

The Challenge of Excessive Sweating in Men

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that portrays itself through excessive sweating that goes beyond the normal range caused by heat, anxiety, exercise, or other regular factors. In some men, you might find sweat dripping off their palms or soaking their clothes, making them feel embarrassed. According to researchers, this condition affects about 3% of US adults between 20 and 60 and has two main types: primary focal hyperhidrosis and secondary generalized hyperhidrosis. The former is usually gene-related, and you may inherit it from your parents, however, the latter is caused by an underlying medical condition or as a side-effect of some medication. Regardless of the source, getting medical attention as soon as you notice excess sweating is essential. The common body parts affected by excessive sweating include the following:

• Forehead

• Armpits

• The soles of your feet

• The palms of your hands

• Lower back

• Genital area

MiraDry as an Effective Solution

MiraDry is a convenient solution to hyperhidrosis since it provides a lifelong solution to excessive sweating. In a non-invasive treatment, electromagnetic energy targets problematic sweat glans to stunt their production. You will see results after the first session, but it is essential to schedule a follow-up appointment to deal with any remaining sweat glands. The results are permanent, and you can continue your regular activities after completing the procedure. Most clients enjoy reduced sweating with just one to two sessions and do not require any sort of maintenance.

What to Expect with MiraDry Treatment

The process usually begins with a local anesthetic in the treatment area to reduce discomfort. Your Clear Dermatology provider then directs microwave energy toward the target area, and the sweat glands absorb the energy, generating heat. This increased temperature deactivates the glands, causing them to produce significantly less sweat. Most patients experience very minor discomfort, redness, and swelling. However, these symptoms disappear within a few days if you follow the instructions given by your physician. The treatment also works for all skin types and can help those who have tried other techniques without success.

Where to Seek Miradry Treatment

Excessive sweat can be a burden, but why put up with it when you can reduce sweating with no pain, no surgery, and no downtime? Clear Dermatology proudly provides MiraDry treatments to all qualified candidates to help them improve their quality of life and confidence. Take the bold step in the right direction and schedule your consultation for your MiraDry treatment today.