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All You Need to Know About Mohs Surgery


Discover the Magic of Mohs Surgery: Your Ultimate Guide

When it comes to skin cancer treatment, innovation and precision are key. Enter Mohs surgery, a highly effective and meticulous procedure that has revolutionized the way we treat skin cancer. Here at Clear Dermatology & Aesthetics Center in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, AZ, we’re excited to share the ins and outs of Mohs surgery with you. Let’s dive into this world where medical expertise meets cutting-edge technology.

What is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery, named after Dr. Frederic Mohs who developed the technique in the 1930s, is a specialized procedure used to treat various types of skin cancer, including basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. The magic of Mohs lies in its precision – it’s like having a skilled artist carefully sculpt away only the affected tissue, layer by layer, while preserving as much healthy skin as possible.

The Step-by-Step Journey of Mohs Surgery

Initial Examination:

  1. Your journey begins with a thorough skin examination. Our dermatologists will identify and assess the suspicious lesion. A biopsy will be performed.  If the biopsy shows that the lesion in question is skin cancer, the dermatologist will make a recommendation on the most appropriate treatment.  If it’s determined that Mohs surgery is the best course of action, you’ll be scheduled for the procedure.

Local Anesthesia:

  1. To ensure your comfort, local anesthesia is applied to the area being treated. You’ll remain awake but completely pain-free during the procedure.

Layer-by-Layer Removal:

  1. Our board-certified Mohs surgeon removes a thin layer of the affected skin. This layer is immediately examined under a microscope to check for cancer cells. If cancer cells are present, the surgeon will remove another layer. This process repeats until no more cancer cells are detected.

Microscopic Examination:

  1. Each layer is meticulously examined in our on-site lab. This ensures that all cancerous cells are removed while sparing as much healthy tissue as possible.


  1. Once the cancer is entirely removed, the area is carefully reconstructed to promote healing and minimize scarring. Depending on the size and location of the treated area, this could involve stitches, skin grafts, or even coordination with   a plastic surgeon for more complex reconstructions.

Why Choose Mohs Surgery?

  • High Cure Rates: Mohs surgery boasts the highest cure rates for skin cancer, up to 99% for primary basal cell carcinoma.
  • Tissue Preservation: By removing only the cancerous tissue, Mohs surgery minimizes the loss of healthy skin, leading to better cosmetic outcomes.
  • Efficiency: The process is completed in a single visit, with the lab work done on-site, meaning you get immediate results and peace of mind.
  • Safety:  Because no general anesthesia is needed, Mohs is considered a relatively safe medical procedure.

Meet Your Mohs Surgeon

At Clear Dermatology & Aesthetics Center, our team of board-certified dermatologists and fellowship-trained, double board certified Mohs surgeon brings her expertise and compassion to every procedure. With advanced training and a deep commitment to patient care, you’re in the best hands for your skin health journey.

Real-Life Success Stories

Let’s hear from some of our wonderful patients:

  • Jane from Scottsdale: “I was so nervous about my skin cancer diagnosis, but the team at Clear Dermatology made me feel at ease. The Mohs surgery was quick, and the recovery was smooth. I’m so grateful for their expertise!”
  • Tom from Paradise Valley: “The precision of Mohs surgery is incredible. I hardly have any scarring, and I feel more confident than ever. Thank you, Clear Dermatology!”

Schedule Your Skin Cancer Screening Today!

Skin health is crucial, and early detection can save lives. Don’t wait to take control of your skin’s future. Schedule a skin cancer screening at one of our convenient locations in Scottsdale or Paradise Valley today.

  • Scottsdale Location 1: 20201 N Scottsdale Healthcare Dr, #260, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
  • Paradise Valley Location: 7125 E Lincoln Dr, Suite A101, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
  • Scottsdale Location 2: 8406 East Shea Boulevard Ste. 100, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

Call us at (480) 555-1234 or visit our website at Clear Dermatology to book your appointment. Let’s embark on a journey to clearer, healthier skin together!

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