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5 Words That Make Dermatologists Cringe

  1. Unscented: This is an absolute marketing scam! It does NOT mean free of fragrance and fragrance is what can set off sensitive skin. Companies take one scent or fragrance and add another scent or chemical to mask an odor. If you have sensitive skin, you must stick to fragrance-free products.
  2. Natural or Organic: While this may sound good and safe, many times your skin will eventually not like it. Poison ivy, ragweed, and bee stings are all “natural” but do you want them in your creams and lotions?
  3. Neosporin: Using this antibiotic ointment when you don’t need it is asking for problems. First, using it on noninfected skin will kill off the healthy bacteria you want on your skin and will let resistant stronger bad bacteria thrive. Also, neosporin is more commonly becoming a potent allergen. So much so it has been named allergen of the year in the past.
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide: Yes this will kill bacteria, but do you know what else it is harming? Your healthy skin! It is like pouring a strong acid (or base in this case) on your skin and damaging the healthy skin so then you will not be able to heal.
  5. Hearing the phrase “but I have been using it for years” or “nothing is new”: Over time, continued use of products can lead to sensitization. Our skin has its own immune system and is very smart and elaborate. With prolonged exposure, your skin can wake up to products not being you and react to them as it tries to fight against them. It is best to rotate out your products.

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